Crone & Mason, PLC is a pioneering law firm in the area of employee's rights, representing clients nationally in a wide range of employment related class actions and individual lawsuits, many of which with national importance, including overtime, wage and hour, personal injury, employment discrimination, financial fraud, minimum wage, and Fair Labor Standards Act -- FLSA.

The Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA is the federal overtime law setting wage and hour pay.  Crone & Mason, PLC’s overtime attorneys and lawyers wrote the following web sites seeking to educate clients and readers about mandatory overtime pay law:,, and


Dispute Resolution

Time spent in resolving disputes between an employee and employer during the workday should be counted as hours worked.  If the employee is represented by a labor union, the counting of dispute resolution time will usually have been determined already by an earlier collective bargaining process or agreement.

Physical Exams, Fingerprinting and Drug Testing

After being hired, employers might require you to take certain tests before you begin working and during your employment.  These tests may include physical exams, fingerprinting for background checks, and drug testing.  Time that you take out of your day, including travel time, to get the testing done should be counted as hours worked.  This includes time during your normal working hours and time during your non-working hours.  Your employer is required by the FLSA to pay you for time that is spent undergoing such tests.

Improper Classification

Misclassification of employees as exempt, or not due overtime pay under the FLSA, is one of the most common ways employers try to get out of paying overtime and/or minimum wage. Employers usually give an employee a certain title.  The job requirements, and not title, will or will not exempt that employee from receiving overtime pay.   To make sure you are not improperly classified as exempt, look at your specific job duties and responsibilities and see if they fit into an exemption.  If not, your employer may have misclassified you into an exempt profession when you really are entitled to overtime and protection under the FLSA.  Please see Managers, Supervisors, Assistant Managers and Associate Managers and Executive, Professional & Administrative Employees for more specific descriptions of some properly exempted categories of workers.

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