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The Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA is the federal overtime law setting wage and hour pay.  Crone & Mason, PLC’s overtime attorneys and lawyers wrote the following web sites seeking to educate clients and readers about mandatory overtime pay law:,, and


Claims Adjusters

Traditionally, insurance companies refused to pay overtime wages to their claims representatives on the basis that these employees were "salaried" workers who served in administrative or supervisory positions.  


  • Claims adjusters must be paid overtime for any hours they work over 40 per week.

Typical Problems

  • classifying claims adjusters as "exempt" employees and not paying them overtime.
  • the tasks ordinarily performed by claims adjusters – such as investigating claims, communicating with policy holders and witnesses, estimating losses, setting reserves, and filling out paperwork – are "non-exempt" tasks.  

Pay Periods

Generally employees must be paid at least twice a month.  There are special payment plans for certain types of professions.


  • The employer must post a notice in the workplace of the paydays and the time and place of payment. 
  • Some examples of people who may have special pay periods:
    1. weekly or bi-weekly employees
    2. executive, professional, administrative, or managerial employees
    3. union members or other employees covered under collective bargaining agreements
    4. agricultural employees
    5. domestic employees
    6. some commissioned employees

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