Crone & Mason, PLC is a pioneering law firm in the area of employee's rights, representing clients nationally in a wide range of employment related class actions and individual lawsuits, many of which with national importance, including overtime, wage and hour, personal injury, employment discrimination, financial fraud, minimum wage, and Fair Labor Standards Act -- FLSA.

The Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA is the federal overtime law setting wage and hour pay.  Crone & Mason, PLC’s overtime attorneys and lawyers wrote the following web sites seeking to educate clients and readers about mandatory overtime pay law:,, and


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Crone & Mason, plc is a Memphis-based law firm that helps employees across the country recover unpaid wages in overtime, minimum wage, and other wage and hour disputes. Often, Alan Crone is contacted by employees from across the country seeking an employment lawyer with particular knowledge and experience. He works with attorneys in those states that he may know from previous lawsuits, seminars, and other professional associations. Crone & Mason’s lawyers also help workers who are victims of discrimination involving Title VII (race and gender), age discrimination, Americans with Disabilities Act, non-compete contracts, employment-related job injuries, ERISA, union representation, union organizing, and WARN Act.

Alan G. CroneAlan Crone. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Alan Crone focuses his practice on disputes between employers and employees. He protects employees from deceitful and illegal practices. Mr. Crone assists professionals and workers at all pay levels, helping them recover lost wages (damages) from employers who use illegal and dishonest practices.

Alan Crone and his firm has successfully recovered many thousands of dollars for hundreds of employees with overtime and minimum-wage claims. These recoveries range from a few hundred dollars to over twenty-five thousand dollars. Mr. Crone has served as lead counsel in nationwide class actions under the Fair Labor Standards Act and other types of class actions. Other types of disputes have included Title VII (race and gender), age discrimination, Americans with Disabilities Act, non-compete contracts, employment-related job injuries, ERISA, union representation, union organizing, and WARN Act.

Alan Crone represents clients in federal district courts and state courts across the country. He speaks publicly on important labor and employment issues at national and regional conferences. This national exposure provides Mr. Crone with a unique perspective on overtime and other complicated labor and employment matters. “My goal is to help eliminate all forms of illegal discrimination and unfair practices in the workplace,” said Crone. “Overtime abuses are perhaps the most insidious because they rob workers of a fair wage, one of the most basic rights upon which our great country is based.” Click here for Alan Crone’s detailed professional biography.

James J. Webb, Jr.Jim Webb. Jim Webb is a former college English instructor who brings to the litigation team essential research skills and a sharply honed writing ability. He handles some of the team’s toughest writing assignments, from writing briefs for motions to certify class actions to defending against motions for summary judgment. Having clerked for the Tennessee Court of Appeals, he also provides an experienced understanding of the appellate process and loves arguing cases on appeal. “What I enjoy most about working on FLSA cases,” said Jim, “is seeing workers’ rights vindicated at the most basic level—seeing that they get fair pay for their hard work.” Click here for Jim Webb’s detailed professional biography.

Miles Mason, Sr.Miles Mason, Sr. Formerly a Certified Public Accountant, Miles Mason assists in employment law cases by determining whether employers have provided all relevant corporate and financial information, analyzing complex payroll records, calculating damages, and negotiating settlement frameworks. Mr. Mason serves on the Editorial Board of the Tennessee Bar Journal, the Tennessee Bar Association’s monthly publication. His professional focus is on family law, but he also enjoys helping out with employment cases. “My training and experience as a former auditor and financial analyst is a great benefit,” said Mason. “When negotiating employment-related damage calculations, maximizing total client recovery is the ultimate objective.” Click here for Miles Mason, Sr.’s detailed professional biography.

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